Pennsylvania Shelf Companies: Challenge an Established Competitor

Start with an aged shelf corporation or shelf LLC filed to do business in Pennsylvania. An aged company from another state filed into Pennsylvania appears larger and established. Projecting stability increases sales and revenue. Why start with a brand new company that makes new customers nervous to do business with you? By filing an aged shelf company into Pennsylvania, you’re able to start a business with confidence that customers will buy what you’re offering. Compete with established competitors immediately. Use that revenue to build business credit. Expand your business and enjoy success.

Age Companies Project Stability

A new company has trouble competing against a competitor whose been in business for five (5) years or more. Make it easier on yourself by projecting stability. Close on sales agreements faster and easier. Show revenue that’s used as the foundation to build business credit. Establish credibility quickly in your dialogue with others. When landing a contract depends on the credibility of a business, an aged shelf corporation greatly increases the chances of success.

Catch Up To Established Competitors

Don’t look at incorporating as a necessary evil. On the contrary, it’s an opportunity to leap frog ahead of others who recently filed a new company, or to catch up to competitors who’ve been in business for many years. Make the comparison easier for your prospective customers and they will do business with you. Most customers are afraid of buyer’s remorse when doing business with a new company. Remove that hesitation with an aged shelf company filed in Pennsylvania.

Ambitious Business People Use An Aged Shelf Company To Get Ahead

We aim to keep you as a customer after acquiring one of our aged shelf companies and filing it into Pennsylvania. By encouraging your success we grow with you. Thanks for considering us in your pursuit of the American Dream.

When you absolutely, positively need to do business in Pennsylvania, do it with an aged shelf company from PAFilings.com.